How to sign-up as a Pathways to Education student

All students in Grades 8-12, living in the geographic catchment area are eligible to enroll in the Pathways to Education program, regardless of their academic performance or economic circumstance.

Students can enrol as early as Grade 8 and remain in the program until the end of Grade 12. Students may also join the program in any high school grade where applicable. There is no cost to students to join Pathways to Education.

If you would like to join Pathways to Education and are currently enrolled in Grades 8-12 in any of the above schools, please contact our program office at 204-582-7434.

  • Grades 9-12 Schools we work with:
    • Children of the Earth High School
    • R.B. Russell High School
    • St. John’s High School
    • Tec Voc High School
  • Grade 8 schools that we work with:
    • Isaac Newton
    • St. John’s
    • Niji Mahkwa
    • David Livingstone
    • William Whyte

Catchment of the program:

Program hours and locations

  • Tutoring & Mentoring at 541 Selkirk Avenue (Merchants Corner): Monday to Thursday 3:30pm until 8:00pm
  • Tutoring at 419 Selkirk Avenue:  Sunday 12:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Sergeant Tommy Prince Place, 90 Sinclair Street: Friday 3:30pm until 6:00pm

Check out our program calendar for more detailed program hours: