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Partnership with U of M Promises Holistic Support Beyond Grad

Over the years, we have consulted with our current students, grads, and families to understand how to best support alumni after graduating from our program. What we have found is that more supports are needed to help students transition from high school to post-secondary and that these supports need to be holistic and respectful of the unique identities and experiences of each of our students.

We are excited to announce that, in response to this feedback from students, grads, and families, the University of Manitoba Extended Education has developed a pilot program for our students that will support our students beyond graduation as they pursue their post-secondary education. Youth Leadership: Pathways to Post-Secondary & Employment will be offered in Room 122 at Merchants Corner to all our grade 12 students every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm starting March 12! All students will earn a certificate of participation and will be offered special incentives to encourage attendance.

What makes this program unique?

Youth Leadership: Pathways to Post-Secondary & Employment will feature guest facilitators hosting workshops that promote personal, cultural, and academic skill development. The curriculum is unique because it is grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing and it will encompass decolonizing lens in all aspects of delivery. All facilitators will be Indigenous and are focusing their workshops on humans “be-ing” to ensure inclusivity of newcomer and non-Indigenous learners.

Thank you!

Thank you to Adrienne Carrière of the University of Manitoba for your commitment to building authentic relationships with the students and staff of CEDA Pathways in order to create this program that will support of our students in their pursuit of employment, post-secondary education, and beyond!